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Weekly Server Maintenance Complete July-10-2024

Weekly Server Maintenance Complete

Dear Players,

We once again apologize for the long one.  Rest assured that we are trying to find ways to improve the duration. Weekly Server Maintenance is now Complete.


Increased Vigor Max stack to 300 (from 50) 
Removed Magic Pop (Gold) from NPC 
Increased NPC Equipment Item Prices 

Job Updates:
Fixed Job Buff where players can earn Gold coin if they sell 1 pc of Job Goods.
Hunter no longer earns Gold coins per successfull trade. Hunter earns silver coins that they can sell.
Weekly Top 10 Job Contribution will receive an additional King Buff
Passive Gold,Silver,Bronze Job Buff only activates when Job suit is equiped
Job PC Limit: 1
Job Suit Requirement Level: 70

Good drops:
Everyone found dropping goods to increase their AP or Job Level will not be banned
However, 50% of their AP will transferred to whoever reported the activity
You can report such activity by reaching out to us on our Facebook page

Uniques Below Level 60 will drop Magic Pop Card (to follow)
Big uniques will also drop astral and immortal (to follow)

VIP Title(to follow)

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

SeaSRO Team

Weekly Server Maintenance Complete 07-03-2024

Weekly Server Maintenance Complete

Dear SeaSRO Players,

We apologize for the delay. We encountered unexpected roadblocks alogn the way. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,
The SeaSRO Team


Current changes: (This will be updated for any changes during the maintenance)

Updated Spender Achievement

Millionaire -> Wealthy (Requirement: 250m gold / Reward: 20 AP)
Big Millionaire -> Prosperous (Requirement: 500m gold / Reward: 40 AP)
Billionaire -> Stinking Rich (Requirement: 1250m gold / Reward: 80 AP)

Removed Teleport Inside Survival Arena 
Fixed Stat Bug with Stat Reset Scroll 

Enable Weekly Roc Spawn 
Kill Roc for a change to get rare Roc Item Set
Roc spawns every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 8pm and on Saturday, 6pm 

silkroadlatinos: Roc , Egypt A & B gear set

Weekly Maintenance Complete 6-27-2024

Weekly Maintenance Complete

Sorry for another long maintenance. Not much changes but we are just readying the client so next update won't take much longer.

Fixed Event Rewards:

Lucky Global

War of Leagues

You can now register for Fortress War

Registration Date: Wed 12am to Saturday 12am

Fortress Schedule: Every Saturday at 8pm. Ends at 10pm

Bots: Disabled

Gates: Gates has a cooldown of 30 seconds once opened/closed

PC Limit: 1

Weekly Server Maintenance Complete 06-20-2024

Weekly Server Maintenance Complete

Good day! Weekly Maintenance is Complete!!


Model Switcher Enabled (Can be purchased from Item Mall/Works on Sealed Items only)

Race Switcher Enabled (Can be purchased from Dark Traveler - Aorus)

Reset White Titles 

Titles for Big Uniques now working.

Ritual Stones

Sacrifice a Sealed Item to create an Upgrade Stone.

Upgrade Stones

You can use these to upgrade your Sealed Item to a Higher Seal (SoStar to Moon/Moon to SoSun)

1. Ritual Stones can be purchased from NPC (Dark Traveler's Assistant). However, at the same time, you can obtain this from Unique Drops (All Uniques, drop rate vary depending on each unique monster)
2. Advanced Ritual Stone is currently displayed on Traveler's Assistance NPC shop but cannot be purchased. However, a unique can drop it a very low


Enabled FGW Quest for Level 60 and Level 90:
Area: Togui and Flame Mountain
Reward: Level 60 - 8D Sun / Level 90 - 9D Moon

Removed Chinese Force Holy Spell 
This is still being observed. It might come back later but the plan for now is to remove it to improve game balance.

Disabled Disjointing of 9D Sealed Items.
We are aware that some players are abusing this. 9D produces 10D ADV elixirs which still work with 9D items. Removed all 10D Rare ADV elixirs and disabled disjointing.
You can still disjoin 9D normal items.


First Fortress War Schedule will be June 29, 2024.
Location: Hotan Fortress
Reward: Silk and AP

Consolation Prices for joining guilds as well.